The Transformative Training curriculum is centered around sustainable fitness solutions. Every course is designed to highlight and instruct new, proven techniques to ensure safe & effective fitness training.

Participants will learn helpful strategies to improve balance and flexibility in as little as one session.

Build your confidence in movement and learn to age with strength and resiliency.

Hi, I’m Carrie Seifert CSCS

Carrie is a Certified Strength Coach with a special interest in Rehabilitative Fitness and Wellness.

After graduating from James Madison University in 2001, with a degree in Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition, Carrie spent the last 20 years training various levels of athletes and conducted countless hours educating Physical Therapy patients as a Therapeutic Exercise Consultant.

Her use of the most effective training tools, combined with her posture strengthening techniques, help teach her clients better awareness about how their bodies work and move.

Carrie seeks to help the people the fitness industry often forgets, such as anyone over 35, who is continually finding themselves in pain or, who has been pushed to injury by previous trainers. Or worse yet, the people who have given up on exercise all together.

Whether you are an avid exerciser who is experiencing frustrating injuries, or the person who has avoided exercise your entire life due to pain or the feeling of being uncoordinated, Carrie's courses and training can help you break the cycle and find your inner strength and resilience.

"I loved the Wellness Workshop on Explaining Pain (and our relationship with it). It gave a very good perspective on how to approach pain.

Carrie has shown me how to do everything (everyday tasks/exercises) without stressing my knees resulting in less overall pain.

I feel a new liberation for the ability to resume activity that I have not felt for decades."

- Jeanne